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The AR Coating


The Anti-reflective coating plays an important role when it comes to the clear visibility of the dial.

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The Chronometer certification is one factor that is going to add value to your watch but the fact.

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Finally make sure that your timepiece is really worth your money. Spending a lump sum amount.

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Company Profile

Franklin Diecast Car Collector is a traditional and a reputed one rooted firmly in the watch making industry since 1867. With so much of years in the industry, we have made some really awesome timepieces that have been still preserved as a treasure and haveindeed become masterpieces.


Founded by the legend watchmaker in the fashion town of Swiss, we have acquired a master share in the watch making industry all across the world and proved to the leader not only in watch making but also its related accessories and jewellery making.


We are the one of the best designer & precious stone jewellery making company in the world. This makes us a mutually supported company, wherein we use our original quality precious stones to adorn our watches.


As a luxury watch manufacturer we understand each and every feature that has to be present in the watch to make it the perfect one. The level of craftsmanship that we employ for each of our creations is indeed seamless. As a company we are known for our perfection and uniqueness in our work.


The creators behind our timepieces are our backbone that have given us a unique identity in the market and has made us the preferred and the favorite company when it comes to branded luxury watches. The executives in our special brand showroom are so well informed and are able to give customers a deep understanding about the value and worth of our creations. We consider our manpower the best resource that we have and together we strive to serve our customers with responsibility.

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